Saturday, December 27, 2008

George Family Christmas!

We decided to get together with my parents and brother and family the Saturday before Christmas. Even though we go to Centreville on Christmas Day it seems to work well with the kids and they actually know what they have opened. So this year I invited them down to our house. Everyone arrived around lunch and the weather was great so Blair and Joseph and even little Kensley stayed outside a good part of the afternoon. For a late lunch we had hot roast beef and ham sandwhiches, cheese ball, dill dip, bacon wrapped smokies, pepper jelly and cream cheese and several candies and desserts. After getting our belly's full we opened gifts. Everyone seemed to like all their loot they received and the children enjoyed their things. Joseph had a Handy Manny Christmas from my parents received a big truck with tools and an actual Handy Manny talking figure. He also got an elmo guitar, books, a ball to jump on and a Little Einstein piano!! Everyone had a great time and it was nice to visit and not feel as though we were in a hurry to move on to another destination. This was the second year we have done it and seems like it may be a tradition we start with our immediate family. Below are some pictures from the day...........................................