Thursday, April 30, 2009

Centreville Weekend

Joseph and I loaded up and headed to Centreville this past weekend for a visit. I have not actually gotten to go since the first of the year for a whole weekend so I was looking forward to that. Kenlsey was going to be in a little pageant so I knew we could see her in that and Blair play softball. However, Friday afternoon Blair was singing and some how feel out of the swing and fractured/broke a bone in her wrist so needless to say she isn't playing for a couple of weeks. Friday afternoon the kids got in the pool for a little while and enjoyed the freezing cold water. Daddy cooked hamburgers in between going with Marc and Blair to the ER. Saturday was a lazy day. We rode down to the church for a little while b/c Mom's relay team was having a motorcycle ride fundraiser. We came back and hung out around the pool and got some much needed sun. We got ready and headed to watch little K in her pageant. She was the prettiest one of course to me!! She didn't win but is our little winner. She is the best baby!! And so content! I think I have seen her cry maybe once or twice. Really she is so good and crawling around everywhere!! She is precious! We left there and went to Blair's game and watched them play and then headed to get some supper. Sunday we went to church and then headed home. It was a fun weekend and already looking forward to going back soon. Joseph is so loving the pool!!! I hope he is going to be swimming by the end of summer!!! Here are some pics from the weekend!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Tax Season Break 09'

Wow! I survived yet another busy tax season around our house. Don't get me wrong we are still quite busy around the office but at least the very long hours and weekends are over!! It seemed longer and harder this year and maybe it is because with Joseph being older he is much more aware that I am not at home.

When I got off at noon on Wednesday we headed south to the beach for a few days. Serena, Joseph and I left and got down about 5 on Wednedsay. Mom and Blair also joined us since it was her spring break and mom had planned on coming Blair loaded up and came with her too. Of course Joseph loved that!!! And it was nice to get to spend some time with mom too!! Joe and Jason made it down about lunch on Friday. We only had one day of fun in the sun b/c it was extremely windy and cool. However we ate good, shopped some and took the kids to do some things. Just nice being away. Already looking forward to next month. I think we have managed to squeeze in two trips for May!! Yeah!! And the weather should be great. Joseph loved what little bit we got to play in the sand. He didn't swim but Blair did and I know it had to be freezing!!! She said it was !! But when your young you don't care. Saturday night we were able to meet up with Pasha and Brian and some friends of theirs and go to dinner. It was nice to catch up and chat. She and I were both so busy with tax season that we didn't talk that much not even with email!!! So glad that is over!!

Back to the grind today but it will be nice being able to pick Joseph some now!!! We are suppose to meet with Ward again tonight hopefully regarding house plans and I hope we can get the ball rolling on that project this summer!!! I am ready!!!

Here are a few pics from this past weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Wow! I can't believe this is Joseph's 3rd Easter. It seems like it was just his first. Time goes by so quickly!! As usualy our Sunday morning was hectic and crazy and we had to be at church a few more minutes that we normally do for Sunday School for the Raising of the Cross Ceremony which features the babies-teen agers. It is truly a moving experience. The children all take flowers and walk up front and hand them off to be put on a cross that is then raised while the congregation is singing. It gives me chill bumps each year. Of course Joseph wanted Mama to carry him and not walk. Too many people I guess b/c he is definintely not shy!!! This year Joyce, Jason's cousin was in town and went to church with us. We have a short break in between before our regular service starts with breakfast goodies. After church we headed home for lunch at Jason's parents. After lunch we hid eggs for Joseph and played outside most of the afternoon. He even got on Goldie and rode her!! It was a blessed day and I am so thankful for all the many blessings in my life including my family. I did miss being with my family but we were there in spirit!! We had been up last weekend. Below are some pics from Easter Day!!

Easter Egg Hunt @ Church

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thomas the Train/Mimi and Papa's

I thought I would try and get caught up before the weekend so I could post Easter next week! Last Saturday, we went to Calera for A Day out with Thomas. We met the Lightsey crew and had a fun filled afternoon. It was nice to get to visit with them b/c we don't see them much. The boys were great and enjoyed each others company. Of course Alex and I enjoyed catching up as well. It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all of us!

When we left there we headed to Mimi and Papa's for a visit. We decided since we were so close that we would stay the night there and go to church with them since we would not be back up Easter. Daddy grilled steaks for us Saturday night and fried chicken on Sunday. He is a good cook!! Nannie, Paw-Paw, Jason and Nana all came up on Sunday for lunch and the kids did get out briefly to hunt a few eggs. It was a quick visit but so glad we got to see them since we hadn't been up in a little over a month. Kenlsey is crawling around everyone and has such a cute personality! Such a happy baby!! Below are some picture from the weekend. I hope you all have a Happy Easter and lets remember what we are celebrating. He gave his life so that we could all have abundant life on earth. We love you Jesus!!