Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve!!

Christmas Eve is the time set aside to get together with Jason's Mom's side of the family. Since I have been in the family we always do a shrimp boil and finger foods. The shrimp adds a little different taste to the same old foods we eat during the holidays. Despite the nasty weather that night everyone made it safely and lots of food, fun and fellowship were enjoyed. After eating we all exchanged gifts and had a great time seeing what everbody got.

After everyone left, we did our Christmas exchanging with Jason's parents and they gave Joseph his loot!! As you can see in one of the pictures he talked his GaGa into getting out his tool workbench so he could see even though it had to be put together. We finally got Joseph calmed down and told him Santa would not come eat his cookies and drink the milk if he didn't get into the bed. So finally at 11 he was asleep and slept until 7:15 the next morning to see what Santa brought.
Below are pictures from Christmas Eve! Enjoy..................................................