Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Update on the Ealum Fam!!

So what has been going on with us???  Well we are still working on the house that we hope to be in come early August.  I am now 31 weeks pregnant.  We have been to the beach several times.  And Baby boy celebrated his 4th birthday this past Sunday!!  Needless to say things have been quite busy around our house.  Jason and I will celebrate 7 years together on the 28th!  Where times goes I do not know. It seems like it goes faster and faster!  We went to the beach with my family last week and had a great time.  Joseph absolutley loves the beach and boating!  Boy am I glad considering I could be a beach bum in the summer!!  Baby girl( no firm name yet) is scheduled to be here mid August.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will be in the house.  But I am nto sure.  There are still several decisions to be made!!  It seems like summer is flying by and I hate that b/c it is my favorite time of year!  Here are a few pics!  I will try to get some of the birthday boy on here soon!  I just can't find the time to blog anymore!!