Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day 2008!!

We began the day by getting up with Joseph to see what Santa brought. Joseph is two and half this year and has really gotten into Christmas this year. We have also been teaching him that it isn't all about Santa. We ask him who's birthday we celebrate on Christmas and he tells us Jesus. We talked about the manger scene we put out all during this holiday season! Happy Birthday Jesus!

Santa brought Joseph a John Deere Gator, table and chairs, play dough, golf clubs, some new rubber boots and PJ's. We really enjoyed seeing the expressions on his face when he came walking into the living room!! Priceless at this age!! My big surprise was a new Canon Rebel Digital camera. This is one of the high tech bigger cameras with the zoom lenses and millions of different settings. I was very surprise and I love it. Thank you boys! Jason has actually taken interest in it as well. I can tell a difference in pictures taken with this one versus my other camera. I think I am really going to enjoy it.

After we did all this we all got ready and headed to Centreville for lunch with Mom's side of the family. I actually think everyone was there this year!! We had a wonderful lunch and great fellowship with each other. We exchanged gifts with Nannie and Paw Paw and the cousins since we already had with my parents. We stayed a while and visited with my parents until we had to leave around 5ish. Joseph didn't make it to the red light in town before he crashed in the car seat. We had to wake him when we arrived at Jason's Granny's house for one last visit. We don't do gifts here except for with his Grandmother so we just come and visit for a while. It was nice to see everyone though!

After an exhausting day we finally got home around 9 and put Joseph in the bed and he crashed. We decided to leave the house alone even though it looked like a bomb exploded from the back door all the way through and tackle it the next day. Jason and I tried to watch a Christmas movie on TV but only managed to make it about 10 minutes before falling asleep.

Christmas 2008 was a memorable and fun one this year. Little ones make it such a joy! Hard to believe another one has come and gone already. Where does time go....................................... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Ali said...

I love all the new Christmas pics! Sounds like ya'll had a perfect Christmas. Joseph is at such a fun age now and enjoys the magic!

The Sonniers said...

Great camera!!! So glad you got one!

Love ya and miss you!