Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Joseph Posing!

This year we decided Joseph would make a cute cowboy! So Jason' mom made him a vest and chaps and his "Ga Ga" bought him a new winter hat and a shirt. Tuesday night we went to the Gaston's and exchanged goodies with the kids had chili and let the kids run wild. All 20 of them had a great time. Wednesday night we attended Trick or Trunk at church which is an alternative to door to door. Once again Joseph collected way to many treats!! Here are some pics from both nights. We are headed out this afternoon to my parents and will be going to the game tomorrow. Roll Tide!! Hope to have some pics up later on this weekend or next week! Have a great weekend!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Joseph's Overnight Trip

On Friday we met my Mom and my Nannie in Montgomery for Holiday Market. We had fun looking at all the different vendors despite the nasty weather outside. After several hours of that we went to lunch at Logan's in Prattville. Joseph went home with my mom and spent the weekend. From everything I gathered much fun was had by all. They played and Mimi and Papa took Blair and Joseph to Tannehill Haunted Fairyland on Saturday. I think it was extremely crowded and everyone was exhausted but they all had a good time. He went to church with my parents on Sunday and mom said he played really hard after he settled in. I met her and Dad back in Prattville yesterday to pick him up. Jason and I had the house to ourself but didn't really know what to do with ourselves. We were going to a movie Friday night but nothing intriguing was on so we caught up on some shows on the DVR and hit the sack early. I even slept til 9 am!!! I had a wedding reception/party on Saturday afternoon then met Jason at his friend Keith's parents to watch the game. They were home for the first time since having their baby. He is precious!!! And can I get a big Roll Tide!! We went to church on Sunday and then I was off to pick up my man! I hope to have some pictures on here soon whenever Mom emails them to me!!

This week will be busy for us. We only take the kids to Supper club once a year and we do Halloween so they can dress up and exchange treats so that is tomorrow night. Wednesday night we have trunk or treat and Thursday I think we are going to dress him up and take him to the family b/c we are going to Centreville on Friday. Joseph will be attending his first football game we hope on Saturday!! Ha! So needless to say a busy week and weekend and then I leave the following Tuesday for Vegas. I don't see it slowing down anytime soon!!

Have a good week!

Pictures to follow soon!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Joseph's First Trip to the Mountains!

On Wednesday night we loaded up and headed out North to Gatllinburg. We made it to Ft. Payne before stoppping and spent the night there. We got up Thursday morning and stopped off at Rock City and walked around there for a while. Joseph liked it and loved running up and down the steps and through the rocks! We left there and made our way on to Gatlinburg. We arrived at our cabin before the Meadow's so we just hung out and relaxed. After they got there we decided to go grab some dinner so we went in to Gatlinburg and ate at the Greenbrier. Jason and I had eaten here before. It was good but not quite as good as I remember it.

Friday morning we got up and loaded up with our cooler and picnic and headed on a drive through the mountains and over to Cherokee. The weather was rainy and damp so it was hard to get in and out alot with the kids plus it was really foggy so we didn't see as much of the mountains as we wanted to. We stopped at a picnic area and prepared lunch. The kids had a lot of fun doing that. Then we headed on and drove over to Cherokee and spent a little time there looking at the bears, eating fudge and just walking around. We made our way back to our cabin and Janice and I went and got some groceries for the rest of the weekend. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and just relaxed by the fire on Friday night. It was nice to sit around and visit after the kids were in the bed.
Saturday morning we got up and packed up again and headed to Cades Cove. It took forever but along the way we saw a little black bear playing the woods. Once at Cades Cove we had a picnic lunch, watched deer and just enjoyed the scenery. The kids were able to get out of there car seats since we were going so slow. This was an extremely busy time of year and the foliage was gorgeous but we may opt for later next time so it isn't so crowded. It is just hard with small children. We made our way back and watched the remainder of the Bama game! Roll Tide! Not a pretty win but a win. We got ready and decided to go out for dinner and ate at the Alamo Steakhouse. It was wonderful and the kids were really good!
Sunday we got up and packed up and begin to make our way home. We did stop and let Joseph ride the choo choo train and merry go round b/c that was what he had been talking about. We finally got home around 7 Sunday night. All in all t was a wonderful trip, good time with great friends. The weather was cool which made it nice for a change. The kids were great and we look forward to it again soon! Here are some pictures.......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quiet Weekend!

We had a relatively quite weekend around the Ealum house this weekend with one exception.....Joseph got the "24 hr" virus on Friday. I normally do not take him to DD's on Friday but I had to go to Montgomery and do some things on Friday. She called as I was leaving to let me know he had been sick. We were up and down all night Friday night. On Saturday he was up and down feeling good some and then bad some. I put him to bed around 8 on Saturday night and he slept until 7:15 Sunday. He woke up his usual happy energetic self on Sunday so I think it is gone. We really didn't do anything this weekend other than catch up on laundry and get the house cleaned up. We leave on Thursday morning headed to Gatlinburg with the Meadows for Joseph's first mountain trip. He has been talking about all weekend! I really hope the leaves have started changing and the weather is cooler there. It has been real rainy and dreary here all weekend. Made for a lazy Sunday.
I thought I would put a few pics up from the fall of last year. Look how much one year makes a difference. My baby is gone and I have a big boy now!!
I will update after we get home with a full trip report and pictures!!

Have a great week!

1 Year Ago!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Roll Tide!!

Mimi and Papa with their "Angels"

Friday we headed to Centreville to spend the night with my parents. On Saturday morning we got up and got ready and headed to the game with friends Ann Steiner and Jason her sister and brother in law. We met some more friends on the quad for tailgating and lunch before heading to the game. Joseph stayed with Mimi and Papa and played hard all day long! He had so much fun and was asleep before we ever pulled out of their neighborhood on Saturday night. Then took a three hour nap on Sunday! I think Mimi and Papa's is the "play" house! He loves it!! He had fun playing with cousins Blair and Kensley! Here are a couple of pics:

Sweet Cousins!
Jumping on Blair's Trampoline!