Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Grammy!

The Ealum's

Today my Mother in law is celebrating a birthday!! So this past weekend she headed down to the beach with her neice and they hung out and shopped. We all joined Saturday afternoon once I finally got off of work. We ate at Cobalt and had a wonderful dinner and even enjoyed birthday cake. We got up Sunday morning and it was freezing so we really couldn't do anything outside so we left around lunch and stopped at Doc's for some good fried seafood. Joyce, Serena and I rode together and hit the outlets for just a little while for some quick shopping. I was so tired though from working I just didn't have it in me. I am so looking forward to going back April 15th and spending some relaxing days down there. It will be over soon and I can't wait!!! I am ready to have some time with little man in the evenings. Below are a few pics we took this weekend..........

Joseph picking and grinning

Joyce and Me

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Saturday Afternoon we loaded up and headed to Montgomery for the annual rodeo. This is Joseph's second time to attend. We went last year. Jason and his parents used to go every year. I have been with him twice before Joseph and now two times with little man!! We went to eat at Longhorn's in Prattville first. Joseph was really good and ate a huge supper. We left there and headed to the coliseum. As we started walking up he spotted the pony's before we ever did. Of course he wanted to ride them. We had tried this last year and they gave us our money back b/c he would nto get on. That was not the case this year!! He didnt' want to get off and then wanted to ride again!! Needless to say he has already ask his GaGa if he will buy him a pony!! He did really well at the rodeo considering it was 2 1/2 hours long! The only thing he didn't like was that sometimes it was really loud and they had some fireworks and for some reason he is terrified of them. Other than that he was an angel!! We had fun and he is still telling people about it. Below are some pictures from the weekend! Hope you all were able to enjoy the beautiful weather. We got out on Sunday and played and cooked ribs on the grill!! Yummy!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Winter Storm 09"

No it is not the winter storm of 93' that we all loved for the first few days it was a chance for the little ones to play in the snow and it melt and cause no problems. We were at Mom's this weekend as you can see from an earlier post and boy was I glad. Joseph got to see snow and play in it again for the second time. He saw some last year but this year he really had fun. I could hardly drag him in the house!!! We had a great weekend with family and nice to have a little down time on Sunday with the fam. Below are some pictures from Snow Day 2009!!! Enjoy!!!

Blair's School Pageant

On Saturday Joseph and I loaded up to go see Blair in her school pageant. She has never done anything like this so it was something new and exciting to her. She looked absolutley beautiful and of course was our winner!! All of her little friends looked so pretty!! Here are a couple of shots from Saturday Night.........................