Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visit to Centreville

Sweet Cousins!!
On Thursday night, Joseph and I headed to Centreville for a visit with the family. We only anticipated staying through today but my Uncle Howard passed away yesterday so we will be here until Tuesday. I thought I would share a few pictures we took of the cousins. Blair and Joseph have played all weekend and actually did really well together. I guess the older they get the better they play. Joseph was really sweet with Kensley and was so sweet talking to her and holding her. She is precious!!


Ali said...

Pictures are great! They are all so sweet looking together! I'm ready to meet that sweet baby.

Kelly said...

Sweet. Congratulations! Does Joseph want a baby of his own? :)

So sorry to hear about your uncle. Take care.

Bryants said...

Thanks. No I didn't make then outfits. They are My Little Magpie. A lady here in B'ham makes them from her home. I did the monograms.
Joesph looks like he is loving his new cousin. Maybe he needs one of his own.:)
Did you get tickets to the Elmo thing? Saw an ad on tv yesterday.

The Moore Family said...

Those are great pics...Blair is really growing up!! And the baby is so cute!! Not to mention your precious little one!! He is a doll! :o)