Sunday, September 21, 2008

Growing into such a Big Boy!

It seems like just overnight my baby boy has turned into Mommy's big boy. He is talking extremely well and our rides to and from "DD's" each morning are quite enjoyable. Jason and I just sit at the dinner table some nights in amazement wondering where does he learn all of this from. And just this morning he wanted to read me a book!! Where does time go. We have been completely potty trained - day to night and everything for about 2 months now and have only had a couple of accidents overnight. Somedays though I think he gets a little too big for his "britches" but I guess that is all in being 2. I bought him a fishing pole at Wal Mart on Friday and he has been "fishing" in my flowers all weekend. He loves it. He has even tried to catch the cat - Socks!! Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend. They arent' the best but I did want to update you guys. We go to Elmo next weekend and he keeps asking me when we are gonig. We also have a mountains trip planned with some friends of mine and their children in a few weeks and he hasn't forgotten about that either!! Hope you guys have a great week!


Ali said...

I am loving this weather. Good for you with the walking! The Firm DVD workout I'm doing is perfect for me because there are four different workouts so I'm not getting bored. I'm definitely sore though-HA!