Sunday, September 28, 2008

Elmo Live!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather was great, football was great and Elmo was great!! On Friday, we went to Montgomery with Jason's parents (b/c they were going anyway and thought we would conserve gas - ha!) and went to dr. appt's and shopped. I took Joseph by the Peds b/c he had this awful bump come up on his hiney. They ended up lancing it so to speak and put him on a round of antibotics. He said it was possible to be staph but not to worry it wasn't anything we should worry ourselves over that it was very common and didn't mean we were unclean or anything like that. I also had to get him some Ked tennis shoes and some church shoes b/c I thought it was going to be getting cooler but it seems to be warming up again!

Last night we watched the game with the Gregory's. They have 2 girls - Amelia - almost 4 and Ceil - almost 1. Joseph and Amelia had so much fun playing last night. We had some great food and lots of fun!! They finally gave it up about 5 mintues before the game was over and climbed in Mama's lap and went to sleep! And wow what a game!! Roll Tide!! Can't wait til next weekend we are actually going to the game! Hadn't been to once since LSU last year! Should be fun! Going with the Gregory's.

On Sunday, Janice & Caroline Meadows, Heather & Jackson Scott and Joseph and myself headed out to see Elmo Makes Music in B'ham. We stopped at Mickey D's in Clanton and got lunch and then headed on to the BJCC. Joseph kind of "freaked" out on me to begin with b/c of the loudness. He loved the characters but he gets really scared about loud noises. He finally warmed up to it and they all had a really great time. Despite only 45 minute naps from them all they did exceptionally well! Here are a few pictures from Elmo! Enjoy!

P.S. Our friends Keith and Daphne Williams had their little boy on Monday and Dave and Amanda Crenshaw had theirs on Thursday! Congratulations!!

Jackson & Joseph talking about the Elmo Cup
The Character's
Elmo's World
Mommy & Joseph
After the Show
Trying to get three 2 year olds to look at camera and not at water!
Joseph cheesing it!!


Wendy and Michael said...

It looks like Joseph had a good time. Thanks for the update on the arrival of the new babies. We've been wondering about them.

Ali said...

Elmo pics are great! I know you enjoyed that time with your little man. Hope his "bootie" is better very soon-LOL!!

Miss you!!

Bryants said...

He is such a cutie. Glad you had fun. Can't believe you are going to the game. I am dying to go to one this year. What a game Saturday!!! It was awesome. I wanted to get in the car and drive to T-town just to hear the excitement. I know it was crazy, even though it was away.

Elmo Live said...

Wish I could get to see Elmo!