Monday, March 2, 2009

"Winter Storm 09"

No it is not the winter storm of 93' that we all loved for the first few days it was a chance for the little ones to play in the snow and it melt and cause no problems. We were at Mom's this weekend as you can see from an earlier post and boy was I glad. Joseph got to see snow and play in it again for the second time. He saw some last year but this year he really had fun. I could hardly drag him in the house!!! We had a great weekend with family and nice to have a little down time on Sunday with the fam. Below are some pictures from Snow Day 2009!!! Enjoy!!!


April Lowery said...

What fun! All the cousins together in the snow! Blair's pagent pics were beautiful..she favors her daddy ALOT..I used to think Kensley really did, but the bigger she gets, I see a lot of her mommy in her, too!

D said...

how fun! we only got a little here, but we had "big" snow back in january. crazy that there's this much snow!

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