Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Joseph Posing!

This year we decided Joseph would make a cute cowboy! So Jason' mom made him a vest and chaps and his "Ga Ga" bought him a new winter hat and a shirt. Tuesday night we went to the Gaston's and exchanged goodies with the kids had chili and let the kids run wild. All 20 of them had a great time. Wednesday night we attended Trick or Trunk at church which is an alternative to door to door. Once again Joseph collected way to many treats!! Here are some pics from both nights. We are headed out this afternoon to my parents and will be going to the game tomorrow. Roll Tide!! Hope to have some pics up later on this weekend or next week! Have a great weekend!


Ali said...

Have fun dressing him up in all the precious Halloween stuff you like while you can! At the age of 3, Jack no longer wanted me to pick his costume because he would come up with what he wanted to be. So far, he's been a bat, Superman, and Batman! Mommy would love for him to be a cute pirate, cowboy, etc., but it becomes a battle I don't want to fight!!!

Samantha said...

I love the chaps!