Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quiet Weekend!

We had a relatively quite weekend around the Ealum house this weekend with one exception.....Joseph got the "24 hr" virus on Friday. I normally do not take him to DD's on Friday but I had to go to Montgomery and do some things on Friday. She called as I was leaving to let me know he had been sick. We were up and down all night Friday night. On Saturday he was up and down feeling good some and then bad some. I put him to bed around 8 on Saturday night and he slept until 7:15 Sunday. He woke up his usual happy energetic self on Sunday so I think it is gone. We really didn't do anything this weekend other than catch up on laundry and get the house cleaned up. We leave on Thursday morning headed to Gatlinburg with the Meadows for Joseph's first mountain trip. He has been talking about all weekend! I really hope the leaves have started changing and the weather is cooler there. It has been real rainy and dreary here all weekend. Made for a lazy Sunday.
I thought I would put a few pics up from the fall of last year. Look how much one year makes a difference. My baby is gone and I have a big boy now!!
I will update after we get home with a full trip report and pictures!!

Have a great week!

1 Year Ago!


Ali said...

Glad he's feeling better and that it got to him before you got to Gatlinburg. I came down with a terrible stomach virus at the mtns. when Jack was 2 years old-It was awful! And, it's amazing how much difference a year can make with children-He's such a big boy now. Exciting and a little sad all at the same time.