Thursday, April 8, 2010

Long time, No post!!

So let's see its only been about 9 months or more since my last post. I really struggle to find the time to. I love to read everyone else's blog but I am just not much of a writer!! So let's see: we have been quite busy around our house the past few months. We signed a contract to build a house the first of December and found out about a week before Christmas we were expecting Baby #2!! Yes we are VERY excited just a bit shocked but God blesses us in the most amazing ways! Joseph has been so very excited since we found out and has been saying all along it was a girl. And yes he was right.....It's a girl!!!! Got a great checkup today. Can't believe I am almost 21 weeks. Wow where does the time go. Busy season has been very grueling this year so I guess that coupled with chasign a toddler has past the time quickly!! The house is coming along. They are working on getting it dried in and we are getting pretty close. The baby is due 8/22 and the house is scheduled to be ready around the same time. Baby Girl will come at least a week early b/c I am opting for another C-Section. Joseph also will start K4 at Fort Dale around 8/19. So needless to say it will be one busy August but so much fun!! So hopefully that is a brief catchup of where the Ealum's are. I will post a few recent pics for you. Hope all is well with you guys that actually read this!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Yes, August is going to be very busy for you!!!! The best part is that your maternity leave will fall at a really great time though! Wishing you and your boys and the new baby girl all the best!!!

Daeon White said...

YAY for the update! :) And congratulations to you guys - hooray for a baby girl!!