Tuesday, June 16, 2009

George Family Vacation

Last week my family headed down to Seacrest Beach for some food, fun and sand!! The first part of the week I actually went down with mom and her friends Pat and Paula b/c Dad couldnt' go all week. I stayed with them through Tuesday morning and then drove back and worked two days and then the rest of the clan went down Wednesday evening. We missed little Kensley this year and hope she will be with us next trip!! The kids missed you and have lots of fun things to show you!! We did alot of sunning, playing in the sand and lots of eating!!! It was a very relaxing trip and we all had a great time and did not want to see it come to an end. Some of the wonderful places we ate at were Old Florida Fish House, Pandora's, Hurricane's and Bayou Bills. Old Florida Fish House and Pandora's were probably my favorites. We did eat at Stinky's fish campon Monday night with the girls and it was very good just kind of loud. Mom and I shopped just a little and didn't do too much damage. Lots of fun was had but we did miss you K!! Joseph hopes to play with you soon!! Here are just a couple of pictures from the week!