Monday, August 4, 2008

Relaxing Weekend!

We had a pretty relaxing weekend around the house this weekend. On Friday Joseph and I bummed around and cleaned house and washed clothes. Saturday we had a birthday party for his friend Caroline Meadows and he enjoyed himself. On Saturday, Jason and I actually had a date night and went to the movies. And yes for those of you who don't know Greenville has a very nice movie theater now 8 picture!! We saw Dark Night. I really didn't think I would like it but to my surprise I really did!! It was really nice to go out like that and such a treat for us!

Sunday was very low key with church and lunch and then just playing around the house. We have just about mastered the potty training issue. I think we are getting close to starting at night. We are also trying to break this bad habit that he wants "Mommy" to lay down with him at night. We tried reading and then our prayers last night but that didn't seem to work. So any suggestions would be great!

The George Family should hopefully have a new addition by the end of the week. Nikki goes to the doctor on Wednesday and we should know then if and when they will induce. We are thinking Thursday or Friday. I am anxious to see how Joseph reacts to all of this!! We'll see!! So maybe I will have some news and pictures by next weekend to share!

Have a great week!

Sorry! No pictures to share today!!


Wendy and Michael said...

We all need those relaxing weekends sometimes. I like your knew blog look!

Ali said...

So good that you and Jason got a date night! Those are few and far between when the little ones come along(wait 'til there's two-HA)! Wish I could help with the sleeping issue, but Jack has always been such an easy, good sleeper. John Hallman is about to be done with this whole swaddling thing because I can't keep him in it so we'll probably be going through some sleep problems in the next week or two as well.

Miss you!!