Thursday, April 30, 2009

Centreville Weekend

Joseph and I loaded up and headed to Centreville this past weekend for a visit. I have not actually gotten to go since the first of the year for a whole weekend so I was looking forward to that. Kenlsey was going to be in a little pageant so I knew we could see her in that and Blair play softball. However, Friday afternoon Blair was singing and some how feel out of the swing and fractured/broke a bone in her wrist so needless to say she isn't playing for a couple of weeks. Friday afternoon the kids got in the pool for a little while and enjoyed the freezing cold water. Daddy cooked hamburgers in between going with Marc and Blair to the ER. Saturday was a lazy day. We rode down to the church for a little while b/c Mom's relay team was having a motorcycle ride fundraiser. We came back and hung out around the pool and got some much needed sun. We got ready and headed to watch little K in her pageant. She was the prettiest one of course to me!! She didn't win but is our little winner. She is the best baby!! And so content! I think I have seen her cry maybe once or twice. Really she is so good and crawling around everywhere!! She is precious! We left there and went to Blair's game and watched them play and then headed to get some supper. Sunday we went to church and then headed home. It was a fun weekend and already looking forward to going back soon. Joseph is so loving the pool!!! I hope he is going to be swimming by the end of summer!!! Here are some pics from the weekend!


K. Vansant said...

Joseph is so adorable! It was great seeing you the other night. We left a little early, because I was cramping still from my surgery. I am much better now, and hope to see you very soon. Maybe we can actually get together on your day off now.
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